Sunshine is My Favorite Accessory

Sunshine is my favorite accessory copy.jpg
Sunshine is my favorite accessory copy.jpg

Sunshine is My Favorite Accessory


This is the perfect bracelet for the girl who loves the sunshine. 

Make your mark with inspiring, yet unforgettable messages to wear on your wrist. 
Your aluminum cuff bracelet can be stamped with a special quote, saying, or inspiring message. Each bracelet is hand stamped, so variations are to be expected.
 Here are some messages you can choose from, or create your own. 

saltwater cures everything

happiness is a day at the beach

the SEA speaks to the SOUL

though she be but little she is FIERCE

she thought she could so she DID

don't let your dreams be dreams

karma is real

Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.

you are my sunshine

get your halo dirty

being a HOT mess is exhausting

well behaved women rarely make history

never let anyone dull your sparkle

make love your motto

i want to have adventures with you

but first, coffee.

coffee before talkee

you don't win friends with salad


carpe diem

make today ridiculously AH.mazing

the purpose of life is to enjoy every moment

compassion creates understanding

life is a beautiful ride

a GRAND adventure is about to begin

always believe something WONDERFUL is about to happen

do what you can, with what you have, where you are

if I cannot fly let me sing

all this...and brains

i walked with you once upon a dream

Be in love with your life. Every minute.

music speaks to the soul

music is love in search of a word

if LIFE is a song, LOVE is the music

eat. craft. sleep. repeat.

i sweat glitter

ROCK STAR in the making

eat. surf. sleep. repeat.

eat. fish. sleep. repeat.


Cuff sizes are available in 5 or 6 inches. The average person wears 6. They can be cinched down or pulled apart slightly to fit each person individually.

If you have any questions, convo or email

Thanks for shopping deserve something one of a kind!

This listing is for one hand stamped cuff bracelet.

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