Dog Days Bracelet Trio

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live love woof.jpg

Dog Days Bracelet Trio


"wag more bark less" "live love woof" and a steady trail of paw prints are the three hand stamped bracelets included in your purchase which is perfect for every dog lover! 

Make your mark with inspiring, yet unforgettable messages to wear on your wrist. Each bracelet is hand stamped, so variations are to be expected.

Aluminum cuffs are available in size 5 or 6 inches. This is the length of the bracelet, not the diameter. To figure out your perfect fit, measure your wrist without any space. Then, subtract about a half inch. This is the size that would fit you best. For example, my wrist is 5 1/2 inches so I wear a 5. They can be cinched down or pulled apart slightly to fit each person individually. These bracelets are made of food grade aluminum and won't tarnish or rust and never need polishing- sweet!

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Thanks for shopping deserve something one of a kind!

This listing is for three hand stamped cuff bracelets .

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